Conservative Republicans explain why Sen. McCain

obstructs POW/MIA investigations

 McCain betrays POW/MIAs

Sgt. Maj. John Holland's open letter to John McCain

Three-war veteran and leading POW/MIA activist, John Holland speaks at Ron Paul Veterans Day Rally and circulates an open letter to John McCain urging him to drop out of the Presidential Race.


Military Veterans Tell John McCain to Drop Out of Presidential Race



Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Executive Director

Task Force Omega of KY Inc.

Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69

"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav


John "Top" Holland is a hero that is known for saying what he thinks. Top is also known for being able to back up anything he says. I look forward to reading his book Perfidy' (Sub title: 'A government Cabal that Knowingly Abandoned Our POW's and Left Them to Die)


(NOTE:  John Holland is a veteran of WWII - Infantryman, Korean War - Paratrooper and Vietnam War - Special Forces)




Senator John McCain,


I am recommending that you withdraw from the National Presidential Election Process immediately.


I am making this recommendation to spare the National Republican Party, and the uninformed American Public, the embarrassment of nominating, and electing a person who collaborated with an enemy and possibly committed treasonous acts.


It is a well known fact that you gave Order of Battle information to the enemy in exchange for individual medical care that was not available to the other POW's. It is also a known fact that you joined several other turncoats in freely making radio broadcasts for the enemy, knowing they were being used to affect the morale of American troops. On several occasions, in violation of the 'Code of Conduct for Prisoners of War', you gave unauthorized interviews to foreign nationals, and to ease their efforts, you spoke to them in their native language.


It is also a known fact that Col Ted Guy, USAF, another returned POW, was in the process of drawing-up charges against you and the other turncoats, when President Nixon gave a 'blanket pardon' to all who had committed offenses while incarcerated as POW's during the Vietnam War.


Since you have been serving in the House and the Senate, you have constantly hindered every effort to resolve the POW/MIA Issue. You did this while posing as a 'friend' of the Issue. Only those knowledgeable of the


POW/MIA Issue knew this and tried to refute you. You used your position to disparage these resolution seekers, drastically thwarted the truth, and served as an agent provocateur for whomever it is you owe your allegiance.


I am,


Sgt Maj John R. Holland, US Army, Rtd

3 War Infantry Vet, POW/MIA Activist

Member of the National Republican Party









Because of your official and personal behavior, I believe you are totally unfit to fit the position of 'President of The United States of America', to say nothing of not being fit to be the 'Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Services'.


In support of my contention that you should withdraw from the Presidential

Election Process, I offer a few examples of your nefarious actions while you

served in those above mentioned bodies:


During the ten years or so that the POW/MIA activists fought to change the

Missing Persons Act of 1942 (MPA-42) (a badly written law that allowed the

POW/MIA Issue to become a National Dilemma) to the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1995 (MSPA-95) you were the 'little professor' who hid behind the curtains and pulled the levers, hindering a much needed correction of our laws. Had you not hindered this change we, in all probability, would no longer have a POW/MIA Issue.


Both houses of Congress finally passed the MSPA-95, and it was signed into law. This changed the way our Missing Service Personnel are declared

dead. Shortly thereafter, you wrote the MSPA-96. This Bill would 'gut'

the changes made in MSPA-95. Unable to get any co-signers, or to get a

companion Bill in the House, you attached it to a Bill that was being considered in a Conference Committee. Thus, it was passed in the 'dark of

night'. Your MSPA-96 was never considered by any House or Senate

committee, nor was it discussed on the floor of either house. You alone overrode the entire Congress, and thus used your position to screw-over the entire American electorate ! (See the last sentence in the third paragraph.)


When we activists learned that you had managed to 'gut' the law we had worked so hard to bring to fulfillment, we asked Congressman Dornan (R)(CA) to help us.


He introduced a Bill that would remove your changes. This Bill was introduced in cloture (i.e. written exactly the same in both houses). When a bill is voted on in cloture and one Congressman or Senator to vote "Nay", and it will not pass. The House passed it 410 to 0. The Senate was waiting to vote for it! You were to dastardly to show your true self by voting "Nay". Instead you surreptitiously added two long amendments to the Bill, and removed the possibility of it passing in cloture. Again, you alone over rode the will of the entire Congress, and thus the will of the entire American Electorate! (See the last sentence in the third paragraph) In the same manner in which the MSPA-96 was passed, (i.e. in conference committee) you passed another law that was never presented to any committee, nor was it discussed on the floor of either house. This Bill classified the initial debriefing of all returned POW's. Now even the ex POWs are not allowed to copy any thing they have in the statement ! Also, no other person can ever see these statements. Under our law, documents can be classified only to keep information from an enemy. All other documents are supposed to be open for public scrutiny. Naturally the question arises, "What are you trying to hide"?


Your actions towards people with whom you disagree, are equally horrendous: It is a well known fact that when you met a group of activists in the hall of your office building, you first smiled and extended your hand for a 'meet-and- greet', before you recognized several you knew personally. You then became angry and 'bulled' your way through them. In this action you nearly toppled awheelchair bound mother of a known Abandoned POW, while knocking her care giver against the wall. Several others were physically assaulted as you knocked against them. You had recognized the members of the group and knew they were wives of Abandoned POWs, other ex-POWs, and a few activists who were on their way to your office to talk to you. Your actions were definitely not Presidential !


I believe your actions toward Mrs Doloris Alfond, at the Senate Select Hearings, was a cry for a long stay in an anger management course ! She was was presenting a prepared statement telling about her efforts to learn what happened to her brother. You came into the room 'beet-red', cursing and sputtering and using language that would have been out of place in a beer garden. You insulted her in many ways before you stormed out of the room.  She was crying vociferously and the entire audience was yelling and 'booing' you. Presidential you were not !


At these same hearings, you had berated several highly respected witnesses,

who had a different perspective of the POW/MIA Issue than did you, yet you

cheerfully came forward to greet and hug a Vietnamese who was known

to you as a torturer of American POW's (i.e. Bui Tin). Had you been thinking of the attending activists as potential voters, I believe you would have acted differently. Either way, it was not inducement for your Presidential ambitions.  


At these same hearings you allowed Bui Tin (the torturer) to testify, but you refused to allow Major Mark Smith, USA Special Forces, Retired, who was also a returned Vietnam POW, to testify. He was refused permission to testify, though you knew he had very current information about currently incarcerated POWs. He had garnered this information during his recent duties in Thailand. Apparently, if you disagree with officially gathered information you don't want to hear it. That is not Presidential. If you should become President and act in this manner, it will be national suicide.


You have long been the bane of POW/MIA activists in their effort to resolve the POW/MIA Issue. During the Reagan Administration an opportunity arose where we were offered some of our abandoned POWs for money. You were consulted. and were adamant that we should not pay for the their release.. While you have stated many times that we should not pay for the return of our Abandoned POWs, you led the effort to obtain the freedom of four hundred long held Algerian POWs, incarcerated in Morocco. While this was admirable, the question arises, why do you go to such lengths for others but you not only refuse to help our abandoned POWs, but you go out of your way to hinder any rescue effort ? No, You are not of Presidential timber !


Please note that in my litany of your malevolent actions I have not mentioned your many defections from the stated goals of the Republican Party. These have been so numerous and so blatant that even the 'go-along-to-get-along- good-old- boys' of the Congress have noticed it. How, after publicly speaking of this, they can still 'support' you` is beyond my comprehension. I must question, "Is the Republican Party following the footsteps of the Democrat Party, and placing loyalty to the Party ahead of loyalty to the Nation".


If the Republican Party continues to support your election, I, and the Nation, shall know this to be true.  About fifteen months ago Father Patrick Bascio (Rtd) and I decided to write a book about the POW/MIA cover up. At that time you were just a laugh on the long list of Presidential Wannabes, thus the book is not about Senator John McCain. However, you are prominently mentioned. This book is about a cabal of folks, just like you, and how the group has contrived to introduce this dilemma to our nation, and how the group kept the Issue alive, while leaving our Abandoned POW's to die.


Our book 'Perfidy' (Sub title: 'A government Cabal that Knowingly Abandoned Our POW's and Left Them to Die) will be published during March of 2008. If you wish to see amplification of the statements I made in this letter please obtain a copy of the book.






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