Conservative Republicans explain why Sen. McCain

obstructs POW/MIA investigations

 McCain betrays POW/MIAs

Missing, Presumed Dead:

The Search For America's POWs

                  Best Documentary Award - Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival

     Best Historical Documentary Award - Blue Ridge VISIONS Film Festival

"Everything it says is the truth."

                 -Ross Perot (Feb. 2004)

Hundreds of American POWs from the Korean War were abandoned in North Korea after hostilities ended in 1953. When it became apparent that repatriating these men would not be feasible, the U.S. government declared them, “missing, presumed dead.” These missing servicemen were forgotten until POW/MIA activists forced the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to form a POW/MIA subcommittee, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, to investigate recent reports that POWs are still alive in Vietnam and North Korea and that the Pentagon has kept this secret from the public. MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD, unveils the mystery of why these POWs were abandoned, the likelihood some are still alive in North Korea and Southeast Asia, and why our government doesn’t want them back.




Rep. Bob Dornan, Sen. Bob Smith, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. John McCain, Joseph Douglass, Jr., James Lucier, Bob Dumas, Helie Lee, and more





When a majority of Americans demand the return of our POWs only then will our government be moved to action. We need your help to expose this film to the American public. As our distributor (7th Art Releasing) works to bring this film to TV and cable outlets, we can all work together to expose this story through local screenings at theaters, schools, libraries, veteran and civic organizations and home screening events.


Purchase a copy of the DVD and for an additional $10 we will send a DVD to the Congressman, Senator, public official or journalist of your choosing.



“With this documentary film we finally have the tool we’ve been waiting for to make the POW/MIA issue a top national priority.”


      - Kevin Shannon Bearly, The Welch Report


“Personal and Global. Tragic and Hopeful. Time does not erase the need for truth or quite the call for justice. If a single US prisoner is still alive, and being held captive on foreign soil, the quest to free them requires our attention. After watching Missing Presumed Dead one can not say they didn't know.”


     - Mark Graham, Co-Founder and


“I have seen this film and it is the evidence you need to see. Order a copy and ask what can we do now? We need to stop leaving live American prisoners of war behind and forgetting them. Accountability should start at the top and come down. A leader leads and stands up for the truth no matter how painful. You do not turn your back on our POW/MIAs and act like you can do nothing.”


     - Danny “Greasy” Belcher, Exec. Dir., Task Force Omega of KY


“Bill Dumas has done a fabulous job in getting this out, notwithstanding the low-budget financing. The bottom line for this project is simple. He put the story together. It tells the story very well and the message is the same for the thousands abandoned after WWII, Vietnam, and the Cold War. Many of those who contributed to the problem still hang their hat in Congress or at very high levels in the government. It is now up to us to promote this work, get it on public access television, get copies to people in the media and newspapers and schools, hold meetings to show the documentary and engage the audience in Q&A. Lets not let this one die as all the books on the subject have done. Help spread the word and get a copy -- it is a great job!


     - Dr. Joseph Douglass, Jr., Author, “Betrayed”


“I cannot tell you how moving, informative and inspirational (this film) was to me…I love this country and I cannot believe how any President's first course of action would not be to demand these soldiers be returned home.”


     - Michael O’Rourke, San Diego, CA



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