Several years ago production began on the award-winning documentary film, “Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America’s POWs.” The production, which was supported by many of the prominent national POW/MIA organizations, investigates the alleged abandonment of American POW/MIAs in North Korea after the Korean War and Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War.

Having a high degree or respect for former Vietnam War POW, Senator John McCain, the producers were shocked to find extreme animosity toward Sen. McCain by nearly all the POW/MIA activists, advocates, family members, veterans, conservative politicians and former POWs they had interviewed.


Nearly everyone interviewed in this non-partisan film, which seeks to get to the truth of our missing service personnel, levied various charges against Senator McCain and this was coming from a very broad spectrum of citizens with no ulterior political motives. All have sacrificed much of their time and energy to find the truth of what happened to our POW/MIAs.

The documentary film does not deal with many of the charges levied against John McCain because this is not the intent of the film. What is pertinent to the film in regards to Sen. McCain is that he obstructed U.S. Senate investigations into POW/MIA affairs.

Regardless of what Senator McCain may or may not have done during his years of captivity in adherence to or violation of POW Code of Conduct, what cannot be refuted is that he is considered one of the most notable obstacles to seeking out the truth of our POW/MIAs.

As unlikely as that assertion seems on the surface, a deeper look into the facts reveals a story that puts into question the POW hero image Senator McCain has aggressively and ceaselessly groomed to mythic proportions since he was repatriated from Vietnam.

This story is weaved together by former POWs, Special Forces and combat veterans, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, conservative Republican members of Congress, POW/MIA national organization heads, and POW/MIA family members and advocates.

This might be viewed as a “Swiftboat” attack on Sen. McCain if it weren’t for the fact that this sentiment is shared by such an honorable, broad-based mix of citizens who arguably would not stand on the same platform advocating for any other issue.

This website is dedicated to all our POW/MIAs that have never returned home. It is also dedicated to their family members and all those who continue to fight for their cause. You are not forgotten. Your loved ones are not forgotten. And John McCain’s betrayal is not forgotten.